Saint Louis Armstrong Beach

Saint Louis Armstrong Beach

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Nancy Paulsen Books (Penguin) September 2011
Science Curriculum

Welcome to New Orleans and the world of Saint, age 11, player of the clarinet, with a crush on the girl next door and a bond with a dog named Shadow that may lead him into danger. We begin on August 20, 2005 which is "one week and two days before the during." It's a hot summer in New Orleans and word is beginning to come that there may be a hurricane somewhere along the Gulf Coast. Saint's world is full. He plays the clarinet down in the city and tourists fill his open case with money and thanks. He takes care of his dog, Shadow, and he dreams of owning a Leblanc L1020 Step-Up Pro clarinet. But his even-keeled life is about to turn dangerous as the hurricane sets its eye right for New Orleans and the neighborhood empties out with folks leaving to stay with family in safer parts of the country. Saint is supposed to leave with family so he'll be safe too but Shadow disappears and Saint can't leave the dog behind. Saint is about to spend some harrowing hours with the hurricane testing his fortitude and that of his community in the harshest ways. The story offers an inside look at what it might have been like to ride out Hurricane Katrina along with the New Orleans residents who gave the city its flavor and character. 138 pages Ages 8-11 ISBN: 978-0399-25507-6

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