Ghost is part of an anarcho-punk airboard gang who live to break the rules. And there’s a good reason—their world, Saga, has a strict class system enforced by high-tech electronics and a corrupt monarchy. Then Ghost and her gang learn the complicated truth. Saga isn’t actually a place; it’s a sentient computer game. The Dark Queen who rules Saga is trying to enslave the people of New Earth by making them Saga addicts. And she will succeed unless Ghost and her friends—and Erik, from Epic, and his friends—figure out how to stop her in time.

Used by permission of Viking Press (Penguin)


Ghost and her friends are teenagers who are rebelling against the harsh rules of the Dark Queen. They ride airboards and try to break the bindings of the near caste system of their society. It's so confining and it's so demeaning. The truth is they are living in a computer game which is infecting everyone around them and making them all addicted to playing the game. If they don't play, they will die. How can they escape the control of the Dark Queen? It looks as though Eric will need to return to this world to defeat the evil that is threatening to suffocate them all. One part teenage rebellion, one part social commentary and one big part action adventure, the story zooms along with plenty of twists and turns. 330 pages Ages 13 and up

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