Rufus Goes to School


I'm in love.  He's a book lover.  He's determined.  He's a visionary guy. He knows the value of an education and he's going to learn to read if it 's the last thing he does. Oh and he's pink and he's a pig.  

Meet Rufus Leroy Williams III.  He is a winsome fellow who has fallen under the spell of reading and books.  He has a book and he wants to be able to read it.  Rufus decides to go to kindergarten and what follows is a beautiful point and counterpoint between pig and principal.  

The principal's position is that pigs do not belong in school. "No pigs in school."  The pig's position is he has all the necessary requirements for attending school.  He has a backpack, and once he discovers the importance of the lunch box, he adds that to his schoolkit too.  

Rufus is no quitter.  He takes his trotters back to school time after time where he has to face off with first the secretary and eventually the principal himself.   "There is a pig to see you."

Filled with humorous and delightful illustrations of pig and school, the story springs brightly forward with our positive porker meeting the ultimately understanding administrator.  

There is intelligence here and an inspiring success story dotted with laugh out loud moments and the occasional poignant place where the heart of every librarian and many educators will be touched and warmed.  

This is a story about the wonder of reading, imagination and the power of a book.  Rufus reaches the sublime when he joins that wonder of all wonders.... storytime.  


I am in love ... with this story.  Perfect read for the first day of school or first day at the library as school opens.  Don't miss Rufus Leroy Williams III.

Ages 4-8   9781454904168

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