Ruby Red

Ruby Red

Gwyneth Shepherd always believed that it was her cousin, Charlotte, who possessed the time travel gene that runs in their family. Gwyneth, a 16-year-old London schoolgirl has been overlooked and outshined by her cousin up until this point. You can only imagine her surprise when it is she that ends up traveling back in time. This is the point where the story picks up pace and really starts moving. Suddenly the family must quickly accommodate and bring Gwyneth up to speed as their new spy and time traveler. She is necessary for a long planned plot to outwit some travelers (one of whom is a family member) who have their own secret agenda to sabotage the ultimate mission that will reveal a long lost secret.

Along with her male counterpart, Gideon, the two teenagers engage in acts of espionage, private investigation, and magic. They time travel to London in the early 1900s and further back to the 18th century to meet their ancestors. Their adventures can prove perilously dangerous yet fun.

Ruby Red is full of humor, mystery, magic, and some romance too. It is fun, written well, and has a mix of interesting characters. There are some interesting surprises along the way and an ending to keep us wondering what will happen next. Ages 11-15 336 pages ISBN: 978-0805092523

Recommended by Beth Ebenstein Mulch, Librarian District of Columbia

Editor's Note: This series was first published in Germany. The entire series will include Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green.

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