Royal Treasure Measure

Royal Treasure Measure

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Millbrook Press 2012
Mathematics Curriculum

A humorously elegant King Balbazar and his queen have realized they have a problem in their kingdom. The roofers, and the house builders and the tailors need to measure to do their jobs well and they don't have yardsticks yet.  The drapes are measured to be ten spoons long and the doorways are fourteen sausages high.

King Balbazar wants to retire and turn the kingdom over to his daughter the princess and her future husband. They create a riddle for the cleverest man to solve and as his prize he will win the hand of the lovely Princess Star. Hilarity ensues.

Rowboats and cattle and goats and pickles all become measuring tools. The illustrations are delightful with every face, be it cow or peasant, designed to entertain. These folk are all unwitting comedians and the princess has some ideas all her own. Great read aloud and wonderful tie in for math and measurement.  32 pages  Ages 5-8


Recommended by: Barb

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