Revenge of the Itty-Bitty Brothers

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Revenge of the Itty-Bitty Brothers

Daniel Funk can shrink to the size of a toe!!! In the third installment of this series, Daniel continues his shrinking escapades with his toe size twin brother Pablo Picasso Diego Funk, but now he can control it…..just by emitting a “giccup” ---- a combination of a burp, hiccup, and gargle. The twins have a marvelous day together with the help of Great Granny Nanny as they snowboard down a hot fudge sundae, trampoline on a marshmallow and surf in the bathtub! Interspersed are fascinating “funky facts” related to various topics in science. Thoroughly enjoyable read with a bit of learning thrown in for good measure. 160 pages Ages 8-12

Recommended by : Chris Vollmer, LMS Milwaukee WI

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