Replication: The Jason Experiment

Replication:  The Jason Experiment

Martyr, officially known as Jason 3:3, is one of many, literally. Led to believe that his entire purpose is to help save humanity, he is kept hidden in an underground lab with his hundreds of identical brothers. In 30 days, he will “expire,” having never seen the sky. When Abby Goyer moves to Alaska with her father for his new job in a top-secret lab, things change a bit. Martyr escapes and meets Abby. His world is literally turned upside down. Williamson has managed to bring Christian YA fiction in to a perfect harmony with one of the more controversial speculative fiction concerns of our world. Replication is about clones and cloning. It's not merely about the legal and ethical issues of cloning itself. Instead, Williamson takes on the challenge of a clone's inner struggle once he exists. Whether or not he has rights isn't the issue; it's whether or not he is a child of God. Martyr is definitely a hero, though a selfless one as his name would suggest. He's an unlikely one, but somehow that makes him all the better. His humanness, and the struggle to determine just what that means is beautifully described and not too unlike what any teenager goes through. It is Christian YA fiction, and it doesn't disappoint in making sure that you know that. But, it's not "preachy" and not so overdone as to turn off the average reader who doesn't usually grab Christian fiction. Recommended by Jennifer Turney, Librarian, Texas, USA

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