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Roaring Brook Press, 2009
Science Curriculum

Riding the subway a boy opens up a book all about redwood trees. They can live to be 2,000 years old as witnessed by the two Roman soldiers now sitting next to him on the subway bench and they're the tallest living things on Earth. As he walks out of the subway, deeply absorbed in his book, the boy finds himself entering a redwood forest just like the one he's reading about. Can a redwood tree grow from another redwood tree? Will a redwood tree burn in a forest fire? Using a bow and arrow, the boy climbs up into the canopy of the redwoods and what a world he discovers as he goes up, up, up. He leaves his book on a bench in a park just in time for a girl to walk by and curious, she picks it up. Guess where she's headed?

This is a wonderful blend of non-fiction and fantasy as the author takes us into the redwood forest with great imagination and fascination information. Awesome!

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