Redwall, Book 1: Redwall

Redwall,  Book 1:  Redwall

The Redwall series is a heartwarming, action filled series of the adventures of forest animals whose lives intertwine with the Redwall Abbey. This world has history, heroes, and strife. These are great for young readers who enjoy seeing the character in an impossible situation and finding his or her way out to safety. The characters face questions that the young readers may be feeling about themselves. What would I do if I found myself face to face with this evil being? Would I have the courage to face the challenge? I've seen boys read and re-read these books and there's a whole group that wants to read them in the order of the plot rather than the order in which they were published.

The Redwall series continues with the following books: Mattimeo, Book 3; Mariel of Redwall, Book 4; Salamandstrom, Book 5; Martin the Warrior, Book 6; The Bellmaker, Book 7; Outcast of Redwall, Book 8; Pearls of Lutra, Book 9; The Long Patrol, Book 10; Marlfox, Book 11; The Legend of Luke, Book 12; Lord Brocktree, Book 13; Taggerung, Book 14; Triss, Book 15; Loamhedge, Book 16; Rakkety Tam, Book 17; and High Rhulain, Book

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