Redemption, Kansas

Redemption, Kansas
As somewhat knowledgeable about westerns, I'm continually asked who are the new "Louis L'Amour" like western authors.  Unfortunately, many librarians, educators, and major reviewing resources mistakenly believe there aren't any!  Actually, the western genre is stronger, more diverse, and of higher literary quality than in a number of years.  Writer James Reasoner and his current SPUR award nominee "Redemption" series is a good example. 
Redemption: Kansas introduces the reader to young, Texas cowhand Bill Harvey.  The time is 1876.  Injured in a stampede, he's forced to hole up in Redemption, Kansas.  Fate places him in the lovely hands of a shopkeeper's daughter, Eden Monroe.  To no reader's surprise, a budding romantic relationship begins all the while the main plot involves a corrupt town marshal and mysterious deaths.  Righteous, principled, and chivalrous Bill feels obligated to investigate.  Could young Bill be lawman material? 
Traditional western readers can't avoid turning the pages from fistfight to gunplay to keeping damsel Eden out of the line of fire. And how will it all end? Will Bill ride off into the sunset or can Redemption be called home?  Is there a tin star and marital bliss in Bill's cards?  And don't think the last page is the end of this couples travails.  Redemption: Hunters was published last year and RedemptionTrackdown is now available.  Fantasy isn't the only genre with "series" fiction! 
218 pages.  Spur Award Nominee  Ages 14 and up  978-0425240106
Recommended.  Robert L. Hicks, retired HS librarian, Arkansas City, Kansas USA        


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