Rebel Belle


Tired of the blood sucking dramas and the tortured angels?  Looking for something light as lemon meringue pie but with superpowers and maybe wearing Lily Pulitzer?  Meet Rebel Belle.

Harper Price is that girl. You know, the one with the perfect everything. She is President of the Student Council, head cheerleader, got the guy everyone drools over as her boyfriend and is about to be crowned Homecoming Queen.  She's also the kind of overachiever who is up at 3:00am working on decorations for a school event.  This girl cannot quit and just maybe, the shadow of her older sister's fatal car crash holds her hostage.

Harper worries more about the color of her lip gloss and it's the failure to bring lip gloss to her Homecoming crowning that sends her to the girls' room to try on her best friend's "Salmon Fantasy."  That's where things get mighty interesting.

The Grove Academy janitor, Mr. Hall, locks the two of them inside the bathroom just in time to breathe something very powerful into Harper.  Good thing too because Harper's history teacher, Mr. DuPont, is about to lay a sword...make that a scimitar... against her neck.

There is blood.  There is danger.  There is confusion.  Then there is Harper puking in the boys' room.  Who walks in and finds her but her arch-nemesis, David Stark, editor of the school paper, and the guy who is most likely to be thrilled to publish something in the school paper to make Harper look bad...really bad.

What a mess.  The Homecoming Queen suddenly has a lot more on her plate than a missing Coral Shimmer tube of gloss.  What Mr. Hall breathed into Harper was the power of a Paladin, a powerful knight from legend who is charged with protecting the Oracle and that Oracle turns out to be the last person Harper would have chosen.

With the Cotillion, ""when you present to the world the kind of woman you are and the kind of woman you would like to be" weeks away, high heels to be broken in, college brochures awaiting,  Ryan, the hot boyfriend who loves to makeout, and keeping Saylor Stark, the town social arbiter, on her side, Harper has a few things on her to-do list.

The forces at play have to make time for the social life of a teenaged girl and a developing love triangle.  

Beware the little white cardigan.

Read Alike:  For those who loved Beauty Queens by Libba Bray.

Recommended by:  Barb,

Ages 12 -15   978-0399256936  345 pages  (some kissing, language)

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