Ranger's Apprentice, Book 5: The Sorceror of the North

Ranger's Apprentice, Book 5:  The Sorceror of the North

This novel marks a new chapter in the life of the apprentice Range. Time has passed and Will is now a full fledged Ranger in his own right, with the new surname "Treaty" in honor of his part in the treaty between Araleun and the Skandians. He even has his own fief, Seacliff. But when Alyss arrives to alert him to a secret mission, he must travel in disguise to the fief of Norgate. There in Castle Macindaw, a strange illness has taken hold of the local lord and his son, Orman may be to blame. Not exactly warrior material, Orman considers himself a scholar and among his people, bookish behavior is a weakness and doesn't earn him very many supporters. In fact, it is his cousin Keren whom many would like to see on the throne. In charge of the garrison and a soldier in his own right, the likable Keren seems like a good fit to many of Norgate's people. Especially in light of recent activity in Grimsdell Wood. Rumors abound about an old family curse and a dark sorcerer seeking revenge. Has the evil Malkallam returned to destroy Macindaw's ruling family? If Araluen is to avoid an invasion by the neighboring Scotti, Macindaw must be secure. Will must discover the truth behind the rumors and defend the castle from possible invasion and erosion from within. And so the newly appointed Ranger must assume a role the opposite of everything he has been taught, in order to earn the people's trust. But, can a Ranger turned jongleur possess the skills needed to combat such a magical foe? The Sorcerer of the North is the first novel in the series where we truly see Will on his own as a mature young adult. In this book, he has the full authority of his position and must act without the direct guidance of Halt or any of his previous role models. In short, he has grown up and the tone of the book reflects this new, mature character. More a novel of intrigue than battle, it leaves the reader turning pages and wanting more.

Contributed by J.R.S.

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