Ranger's Apprentice, Book 1: Ruins of Gorlan

Ranger's Apprentice, Book 1:  Ruins of Gorlan

Flanagan, John

boys, action/adventure, apprenticeship, coming of age, middle reader, Seeker/Leader, fiction

Fifteen-year old Will has been a ward at Castle Redmount his entire life; and the only one of his year-mates to no know his last name. Left at the castle with a note as an infant, Will knew almost nothing of his past. Now, it is the time of the Choosing, where master tradesmen select young men and women as apprentices to learn their trade. Will wishes to train to be a knight, like his father, but small for his age, agile and with an incredible ability to get himself into trouble; Will is not exactly built for war. Denied a chance at his dream, Will gets an unexpected offer in the form of Halt: a member of the Rangers. Rangers are steeped in mythology and suspicion, Will is not sure this is where his destiny lies. Yet with no other option he accepts and begins his new life as a Ranger's apprentice. When an enemy from Araluen's past begins a quest to seek revenge and regain his former power, it is up to Will, Halt and even the knights to protect the kingdom and defeat Morgarath once and for all. In this first novel, we see the beginnings of some truly incredible characters. If given the chance, readers will not only appreciate the fast paced action and clever twists, but also subtle relationships between the peoples in its world. Ranger's Apprentice is more of a coming of age series, rather than singular work, not to be missed.

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