Randy Riley's Really Big Hit

Randy Riley's Really Big Hit

STRIKE THREE...YOU'RE OUT! Randy Riley strikes out every time he meets a mean fastball. There are two things Randy Riley loves more than everything else in the world and one of them is playing baseball.

Clearly it is not his destiny to be a great ballplayer and luckily he has another love and that is stuff from outer space. Randy studies it, dreams about it and scans the sky with his Space Boy Telescope. No fast balls here until one night... a night that changes his life because there in the scope, Randy Riley sees a fireball.... much faster than the fastest fastball... and it's headed straight for Earth and his town.

What can Randy do? Can anyone or anything save his friends? A touch of zaniness streaks through this book with its quirky pictures and underlying sense of fun even as the tension mounts. This is a great read aloud about the power of one person to make a difference in the world!

Ages 4-8   32 pages   978-0763649463

Recommended by: Barb

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