Raising the Dead (After Midnight)

Raising the Dead (After Midnight)

Charlotte's always been a partial member of the family paranormal research team. She's not the "sensitive" daughter, like her older sister, able to tell before the investigation begins that they'll be successful. As high school lives go, Charlotte's is anything but normal. It's hard to be witha family like hers.

Another good one from Purnhagen. While the paranormal aspect is certainly present, this novella is heavier on the teenage love and general craziness of growing up. Charlotte's focus is torn between either making sure Noah knows she's interested, to trying to pretend she's not (because he certainly isn't), to trying to help William with the mystery of the family burial grounds behind his house. Any one of those would wear a girl out!

It's nice to have a little extra in this series. You can tell between book one and book two that there are a few months missing, so it's nice to catch up with the characters. The paranormal story in Raising the Dead is just as intense as that in the other After Midnightbooks. There's a distinctly evil feel this time, what with the mystery, and events in the story.

As I've come to expect, the writing is approachable and easy to get caught up in. It's escapist, with a creepy, scary side. Just the way I like it!

Recommended by Jennifer Turney, Librarian Texas

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