Raised By Wolves (Book1)

Raised By Wolves  (Book1)

In Book 1 of this trilogy, Raised by Wolves, Bryn is orphaned when a Rabid kills her parents. An alpha male saves Bryn and allows Ali to raise Bryn as her own daughter. Bryn grows up human but “raised by wolves.” She begins to feel the pack’s mentality, strength, and sense their thoughts and wild desires.

Callum, the pack’s Alpha, promises to keep her safe no matter what. When Bryn disobeys Callum and discovers a teen Were who’s been turned by a rogue wolf, memories of that bloody attack on her parents begin to haunt Bryn. Chase and Bryn are too much alike, and soon they are sharing thoughts without needing to speak them aloud.

The man who turned Chase is the same man who killed Bryn’s parents and now he’s after her. Bryn needs Chase’s help to save newly turned werewolves; when she does, she becomes the pack’s alpha. She can’t go home because she is home for all new, young wolves. Callum has a strong bond with Bryn, but from this day forward she is in charge of her own problems.

448 pages  Ages 13 and up 978-1606842119

Recommended by: Pamela Thompson, Librarian, Texas USA

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