Raffi (Raffi Cavoukian)

Born July 8, 1948

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13 Facts About Raffi:


Raffi Cavoukian’s grandparents fled their homeland during the Armenian Genocide in the 1910s. It was a combination of luck, endurance, and his grandfather’s serious knack for art—a talent he used to make fine portraits—that finally brought them safely to Cairo. For decades, his parents and their families lived happily in the Egyptian capital, where Arto Cavoukian, Raffi’s father, even managed to establish a studio for his work.

But by the late 1950s, political upheaval in Egypt and a less-than-tempting repatriation program for Armenians narrowed the family’s options for a happy life—so the Cavoukian family, including 10-year-old Raffi, emigrated to Toronto, Canada, in 1958. The family had some connections there, and besides, as the singer wrote in his autobiography  [PDF], “Montreal had too much snow, and New York was too big” for his father.

2. HE’S A HUGE HOCKEY FAN.”—from https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/77122/13-facts-about-raffi-thatll-shake-your-sillies-out

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