R My Name Is Rachel

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R My Name Is Rachel

Now that President Roosevelt has been elected, there is hope that the Great Depression will soon be over. But Pop has bad news for Rachel, Joey and Cassie. He’s lost his job and now they are going to have to pack a few things and pile into the truck leaving behind school, the library, their home and the very wonderful Miss Mitzi Madden. They’re moving to a new house where Pop will be able to get a job at the bank. Rachel who loves her books, loves to learn and most of all loves to spend time writing letters with Miss Mitzi is about to face life head on. Snow and goats and hard times pile up against the family and leave them with the only the barest necessities. Rachel reads Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Understood Betsy and she would love this story told through her voice. It offers the warmth and friction of family in a world where everyone is trying to have enough to eat, a roof over their heads, and some hope for their future at the same time it celebrates the wonder of words and their power to connect us through letters and story. This is an All-American tale. 167 pages Ages 7-10

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