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Qwikpick Papers The Poop Fountain


The Qwikpick Adventure Society has three members: Lyle Hertzog, Marilla Anderson and Dave Raskin.  They live in the Town of Crickenburg and they are looking for adventure.

The society got its name fro the local Qwikpick where Lyle's parents work.  Lyle's family lives in a single wide trailer.  Dave's family is Jewish and both boys probably have a crush on Marilla but would deny it if asked.

One day the three amigos come up with a fabulous idea for a real adventure.  Turns out the town's new wastewater facility is about to be replaced and the sludge fountain will be no more.  They are determined to see the poop fly from the fountain before its demise.  

It will be an ode to an odor.  Like a butterfly on the breeze, the stink will fly in.  You are invited to one big stink party as the poop slides down the pipes with every stinky flush in town.

You get the idea.  Jokesters rejoice.  Your leader has written a whole new literary classic for you.

978-1419704253  144 pages   Ages  8-13

Recommended by:  Barb, abookandahug.com


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