Quarantine, Book 1: The Loners

Quarantine, Book 1: The Loners

Quarantine is not for the faint of heart. There is blood and violence and enough sexual content that I recommend this book for ages 14 and up. But with that said, there is enough fast-paced adventure in this dystopian novel, that I think boys will love it.

It's only the first day of school at McKinley High, but it will be a very long one. A huge explosion occurs before the school day even begins - teachers die, part of the school collapses, and students scramble for safety. The Internet is down and cell phones won't work - there is no escape. Corpses begin to rot and must be disposed of; students begin to form gangs to help ensure their survival.

This is a gritty, frightening novel that has been called a modern Lord of the Flies. Do not read this if you are at all squeamish, but if violence and blood, guts, and gore don't bother you, this is a riveting book that will give you nightmares.

416 pages              978-1606843291               Ages 14 and up 

Recommended by: Faith Miller, Librarian, Connecticut USA

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Editor's Note: There are three books in this series.  The third title, BURNOUT, is not included on abookandahug.com due to its dark content.

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