Problem Child (Sisters Grimm, Book 3)

Problem Child (Sisters Grimm, Book 3)

The Problem Child continues where Usual Suspects leaves off... with Sabrina and Puck appearing in a strange place. As it turns out, the two have arrived at Ferryport Landing Asylum where Little Red Riding Hood and the Jabberwocky are holding Sabrina and Daphne's parents. After a brief battle, Red absconds with the parents Grimm and Jabberwocky burns the place down.


But perhaps all is not lost, as Jacob Grimm, Sabrina's magic-addicted long lost uncle arrives with a magical bag of tricks up his sleeve. This does not go over well with Granny Relda who would rather the girls lead as normal (and non-magical) a life as possible. Add to it, Mayor Charming has some competition for re-election in the form of the Queen of Hearts, Mr. Canis is presumed dead, and Puck is seriously injured. The only way to save him is to return him to the Fairies, but that means getting past the magical barrier that traps Everafters in Ferryport Landing. To do that, they are going to need some heavy magical artillery and in order to get it, the Grimms are going to need the help of some pretty famous Everafters, including Baba Yaga and the Blue Fairy herself.


How will things work out? Will Red Riding Hood's murderous rage and delusions of family win out or will the Grimm family once again defeat the magical forces against them?


This third installment in the Sisters Grimm series brings characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice and Wonderland to the forefront of the story amidst the theme of finding the power within yourself. This chapter in the tales seems to serve more as an introduction to new characters and complications, rather than a stand alone story. Good read. Contributed by J.R.S.

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