Priscilla Gorilla


"When Priscilla turned six, her dad gave her a book called ALL ABOUT GORILLAS.  They read it a million skillion times!"

That's where it all begins.  Priscilla's dad reads her the book so many times that Priscilla knows everything to know about gorillas that there is to know and gorillas are her very favorite thing.  Everything she does leads back to gorillas whether it's science or famous person day or dancing.

When her mother asks Priscilla why she likes gorillas so much, Priscilla happily replies, "They always get their way."

Unfortunately for Priscilla her teacher doesn't seem to see her as a gorilla and isn't letting her have her way.  Instead,  Priscilla ends up spending a lot of time being invited to the Thinking Corner.

As her calm and insightful parents beat a steady drum of consistency in the background, Priscilla and her love of gorillas go exploring in the world of school.  Should she wear her gorilla pajamas for the class picture?  The battle between Priscilla and her teacher, Mr. Todd, rages on.  His facial expressions are priceless.

This would be an amazing book to read in conjunction with Princess Cora and the Crocodile.  The parents make a great contrast to each other and each girl has a friendly oversized animal that makes her life a little more meaningful and fun.

Absolutely hilarious.  This one will tickle the funny bones of young listeners everywhere.  Great class read aloud.

40 pages        978-1481458979         Ages 4-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


"When a whole class goes gorilla, they learn the importance of balancing passion and creativity with cooperation in this charmer of a picture book from the New York Times bestselling duo, Barbara Bottner and Michael Emberley.

The day Priscilla gets a book about gorillas, she instantly becomes obsessed. She dances like them, eats like them, and wears her gorilla costume 24–7! There are so many things to love about gorillas, but what Priscilla loves best is how they seem to always get their way.

So when Mr. Todd tells all his students to dress up like their favorite animal, Priscilla’s choice is obvious. But dancing around and beating her chest when it’s not her turn sends Priscilla straight to the Thinking Corner. She is of course outraged—nobody tells a gorilla what to do!—and as her attitude spreads, soon the thinking corner is full of her classmates. Is Priscilla really channeling her inner gorilla, or is she just a troublemaker in ape’s clothing?"--from the publisher


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