Princess of 8th Street

Princess of 8th Street

"In a land not far away, in a time not long ago, there was a beautiful princess named Jane./Princess Jane lived with her royal family high up in a tower, where the princess's bedchamber had a sweeping view over the Kingdom of 8th Street." Jane takes her royal duties very seriously: learning everything princesses need to know, perfecting her painting, dancing, and singing skills, and having tea with her ladies-in-waiting. Yet the princess, despite having so much to keep her occupied, at times is lonely.

  When accompanying the Queen, her mother, to the market, Jane's royal parent asks her to join some young lords and ladies on a playground. The princess is unwilling, for she remembers that the other children did not treat her kindly, and because of her small size and delicate build, she could not keep up with their games. However, when the Queen insists, Jane reluctantly enters the playground, as "a feeling of dread weigh[s] her down like a stone." At first, things go badly. But when Princess Jane gathers the courage to announce that she is "Jane, the Princess of 8th Street," something magical happens--and the young royal discovers the marvelous gift of friendship.

   Linas Alsenas has penned an elegantly written tale about a modern-day young princess whose feelings and fears will touch a chord with many readers and listeners. This book is ideal for children dealing with issues of confidence, shyness, and making friends. The author's illustrations effectively capture the mood of the story, right down to the characters' facial expressions and body language. The cover itself is a delight, with glitter adorning the illustrations on front on back. A treasure. Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barbara Karp, Librarian, New York USA

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