Princess in Black, Book 3: The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde


Princess Magnolia and her unicorn, Frimplepants are riding to their friend's castle for runch with visions of cheesy omelets, soft rolls and sugary doughnuts in their heads.

Then - oh no-  not the monster alarm...Yes the monster alarm rings. Now it's up to Princess Magnolia and Frimplepants to find the monsters and stop them.  So, where are the monsters?  Mostly they just see bunnies.  More and more and more bunnies.

Soft cute bunnies - they wouldn't hurt anyone would they?  

Wait, what's eating my shoe?  

For those who love a good tea party and a dragon battle or two in their stories.

Ages K-3 90 pages 978-0763665135

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,



Princess Magnolia and her unicorn, Frimplepants, are on their way to have brunch with Princess Sneezewort, an occasion Frimplepants enjoys more than anything in the world. But just when he can smell the freshly baked bread and the heaping platters of sugar-dusted doughnuts, Princess Magnolia’s glitter-stone ring rings. The monster alarm! After a quick change in the secret cave, Princess Magnolia and Frimplepants are transformed into the Princess in Black and her faithful pony, Blacky. But when they get to the goat pasture, all they can see is a field full of darling little bunnies nibbling on grass, twitching their velvet noses, and wiggling their fluffy tails. Where are the monsters? Are these bunnies as innocent as they appear?

Also in the series: The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party; The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation: The Princess in Black; The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party;

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