Prince of Air (Treasure Chest, Book 4)

Prince of Air (Treasure Chest, Book 4)

Felix studied the boy’s face. “I know you,” he said thoughtfully. But even as he said it, he knew it was ridiculous. How could he know a kid – or anyone – in 1894? …”I knew you’d be back any day now. I thought, Where will those two end up? And then I thought, They’ll want to see their crummy little apartment over Bethune Street. And I was right.” … more than that voice, that attitude so familiar. Great-Uncle Thorne!

In this fourth of the series, twelve-year old twins Maisie and Felix Robbins have moved to Newport Rhode Island to stay with their great-aunt and uncle in the “cottage” their great-great-grand-father built. At the school talent show, the twins and their great aunt and uncle (also twins) squabble over a set of handcuffs used in Felix’s magic act and are transported back in time to June 18, 1893.

 This time travel trip is different for two reasons: first they landed on a day three months different than the day they left instead of the same day in a different year; and second, somewhere in 1893 Coney Island Great-Aunt Maisie and Great-Uncle Thorne are also stranded.

 Maisie and Felix have to figure out why things are different and deliver the handcuffs, learn their lesson and safely get themselves and their great aunt and uncle back to the present. But what if great-aunt Maisie doesn’t want to go back? The author includes four pages of biographical information about Harry Houdini which help frame the story but may not necessarily be read to enjoy the adventure. 185 pages Good for graduates of The Magic Tree House Series. 978-0448454702 Ages 7-11

Recommended by: Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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