President Taft Is Stuck in the Bath

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Candlewick March 2014
Social Studies Curriculum

President Taft is stuck in the bath and no one knows how to get him out.  "Blast. This could be bad."

A many-chinned tub of lard himself, Taft is pictured wide-eyed and perplexed as he contemplates his problem.  He hefts. He stretches.  He grips and he shimmies.  Well-placed bubbles keep things from getting out of hand as the water gets colder and colder.

The vice president stands ready to assume the presidency.  A parade of Cabinet secretaries offer up their solutions that range from diet and exercise, to deep sea divers and even the ever popular let's throw money at the problem.

It falls to the First Lady to come up with a workable plan.  Plenty of tongue in cheek humor and larger than life rolls of fat, will delight those who enjoy the irreverent.  

The author's note offers some versions of the Taft in the bath tale and some presidential facts regarding President Taft and bathtubs round out the offering.  Here's history at its most playful.

978-0763663179  32 pages  Ages  5-9

Recommended by: Barb,

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