Precious Bones

Precious Bones

Bones, a ten-year-old free spirit living in the swamps of Florida in 1949, is in a big pickle. She and her neighbors are all in an uproar when a pair of land-swindling Yankees come to call and one of them has the nerve to turn up dead on her father Nolay’s property. Without a decent alibi to cover Nolay’s tracks, the law has their sights set on him as their prime suspect. Deep down, Bones just knows that her daddy couldn’t and wouldn’t have committed such a crime, but she’ll have a heck of a time finding a way to clear his name.

Bones, along with her menagerie of wild pets and her best friends Little Man and Mr. Speed, is determined to get to the bottom of the sticky situation, with or without her mother’s permission! Along the way, she’ll learn some big lessons about love, honesty, loss, and fellowship in her tight-knit community.

Bones is a sweet and spunky narrator that older readers certainly won’t mind spending time with, and she’ll remind even older readers of Scout Finch, star of the beloved classic To Kill a Mockingbird. Mika Ashley-Hollinger has uncovered a gem deep in the heart of the Florida swamplands with this winning, hilarious, heartbreaking, and wise novel. Precious Bones is a tale that shouldn’t be missed. Highly recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian, Maryland, USA.

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