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Popular Clone (Clone Chronicles, Book One)

Popular Clone (Clone Chronicles, Book One)

It's not easy being the only child of Nobel Prize winning scientist parents. Fisher Bas not only inherits his parents' love of science but also their "geek genes" and awkwardness in social situations. He hates middle school where he is bullied day after day by overgrown thugs he refers to as  the Vikings.

Finally Fisher has had enough! He sneaks into his mother's new invention of dangerous Advanced Growth Hormone and clones himself. He sends his clone--named Two--to school to take his abuse and Fisher stays home enjoying himself. Fisher is happy to stay home eating cheetos and playing video games.

His brilliant experiment backfires when his clone becomes popular! Fisher decides to spy on his other self and is amazed that his clone is actually a "cool" kid. What did Two do to become so cool? Why are the girls clamoring to be around him?

Fisher goes from thankful and grateful to jealous. He is mad and upset but shows strength of character when he comes to his clone's rescue when Two goes missing. An evil scientist kidnaps Two and it's up to Fisher to save his other self.

Fans of science, geekiness, and books where the underdog wins, will love Popular Clone. Castle gets middle school antics and tween angst right in his spot-on prose. Fisher is a character boys--and girls--will love.

Highly recommended grade 5-up.

Recommended by:  Pamela Thompson, MLIS, Library Media Specialist, Texas USA
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