Plant A Kiss

Plant A Kiss

"One small act of loves blooms into something bigger and more dazzling than Little Miss could have ever imagined."

In this brief picture book, Little Miss plants a kiss and, although others doubt it will grow, she believes it will. And it does. Little Miss then shares her kiss with everyone she meets, making the world a better place. Although this is marketed as a Valentine’s Day story, it will appeal at all times and to all ages whenever a good tale of sharing and caring is needed. Highly recommended.

Recommended by Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania, USA


This inviting little book sat on my nightstand for far too long before I sat down to give it its due.  My advice to you... don't make the same mistake!  Grab it now.  It is such a glorious moment when you page through a picture book and realize that the author and illustrator have come together to create a perfect blend that soothes with its harmony, delights with its joy and entices with its promise of hope.  Meet this piquant young lady who is about to plant a kiss.  She may not look like much with her tee shirt, striped shorts and wispy hair but if you get a look at the purpose in those feet and the determination on that feisty face you know things just might turn out right.  Shovel in, kiss planted, pride beaming off the page.  Ta da!  Now, will this kiss bloom?

This is where the patience and persistence come in.  The magic of this book is that it maintains the simplicity and the wonder of this little girl and her hope all the way through.  It does not falter and it does not disappoint.  It just keeps on rhyming and then there is a moment made most magical by the texture and gleam of what comes.  Should this be guarded? Some say yes.  But let's have faith in our young spirit.  She has great heart and great love and her harvest just grows and grows.   From one little kiss... bliss.  It's a wonderful journey and belongs in the hands, hearts and classrooms of every child.  All ages.

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