Pirate of Kindergarten

Pirate of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a magical, wonderful place and Ginny loves it there. She loves Reading Circle and listening to the Big Book and most of all, she loves reading a book of her own. She likes to cut with scissors and play outside. But Ginny sees the world in her own special way. She sees two or three or maybe even four bunny ears when she starts to cut with her scissors. She sees lots of chairs in her way as she tries to cross the room to get to Reading Circle. It's hard to read with the letters and numbers bouncing around the way they do. Then, Vision Testing Day arrives and Ginny waits her turn to read the eye chart. When she does, one eye works just right but the other eye sees two of everything on the chart. You know what? Ginny has double vision and she sees the world in her own very special way. But, since it makes it hard for her to read, they're going to help her teach her eye to see just one. She's going to get to wear an eye patch and be Pirate Ginny for a little while. Then, she won't see two of everything but she'll always see the world in her own special way. 40 pages


Kindergartener Ginny loves to read, but has trouble maneuvering and doing things other children are easily able to do.While the children may sometimes laugh at her, her teacher and the school nurse come to recognize she has double vision.A trip to the eye doctor and an eye patch make Pirate Ginny able to succeed in school.This story can help to illustrate differences in children and develop empathy for a child who looks and learns a little differently. Through the text and the illustrations children can see what Ginny sees and how much determination she exerts to complete everyday tasks.

Recommended by Beth Yankey, Librarian.

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