Pink and Say

Pink and Say

This is such a tremendously powerful story, and it's one of those picture books that is written for older children - say ages 8 and up. It's set in the Civil War, and it's the story of two young men; one is 15-year-old Say, who is white, and the other is a young black man about the same age, who is known as Pink.

Two young men wearing the uniform of the Union Army in the American Civil War are about to cross paths.  Sheldon Russell Curtis, fifteen years old, lies alone and wounded in a field.  He is in and out of consciousness with fever and pain.

Pinkus Aylee is the same age and on his way back to his home and his mother.  He has been separated from his company, the Forty-Eighth Colored.  Stumbling upon Say, Pinkus gathers him up and even though it's a difficult struggle he carries him through briars and up hills to his mother's home.  Sweet Moe Moe Bay welcomes him and tends to his wound day after day until he is strong enough to stand up and return to battle.

What is bravery?  What should be asked of a boy of fifteen?  Who will survive to tell this story?

This is a wrenching tale of injustice and prejudice and it is story about honoring a hero who has no descendants to speak for him today.

Ages 9-12 48 pages   978-0399226717

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