Out on the plains of East Africa a little hyena is waking up with her Mama and getting ready to head off on a hunt.  PInduli, the little hyena, is blessed with a Mama who thinks she is wonderful.  Mama thinks her ears are wonderful and her mane is wonderful and even Pinduli's coat is wonderfulBut as Pinduli makes her way down to the waterhole she starts running into other animals who are not so kind.  The dogs make fun of her ears and the lion criticizes her mane.  The zebra tells Pinduli to get her stripes in order.

Filled with self-doubt PInduli's sense of self is demolished.  She tries to hide all of her now quite obvious defects and loses the joy of what her Mama has told her for years.Bullies come in many sizes and shapes.  Some are dogs and some are lions and some are zebras. Why do they say the mean things they say?Using the beautiful setting of East Africa and a cute hyena, bullying is unmasked and a clever trick is pulled.This is a great read aloud for children dealing with bullies and needing both an understanding of where the harsh words are born and a suggestion of gumption to stand their own ground.

 978-0152046682   Ages  5-9   48 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

Read Alikes:  Recess Queen,  Odd Velvet

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