Pictures of Hollis Woods

Pictures of Hollis Woods

“No wonder she hasn’t been adopted. She’s a mountain of trouble, that Hollis Woods.” Hollis is twelve years old, and she’s been in plenty of foster homes. She keeps “running money” so she can always tell herself she can get away, and she’s an artist. She’s about to be placed in a new foster home, and this time it’s with Josie who is also an artist. This is a place Hollis could call home, but, day by day, she begins to see that Josie is starting to forget things, and Hollis worries that the mustard lady will take her away. There had been a place, a place where Hollis had been about to be part of a family, where she would belong, and where she would have beaten all the badness. She would have won. Then tragedy struck.

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