Phineas L. MacGuire, Book 1: Erupts! The First Experiment

Phineas L. MacGuire, Book 1: Erupts! The First Experiment

It doesn't feel very good when your best friend moves away and everybody else at school already has a special friend. Feeling like the odd man out, Phineas Listerman MacGuire, otherwise known as Mac, just might be stuck with a kid named Mac R. who doesn't really seem like his kind of guy. But when the two boys get assigned to work together on a science project, Mac starts to see who Mac R., better known as Ben, really is. The two boys set to work on their volcano and look to see what will erupt.

176 pages Ages 7-10  978-1416947349


Here's a scientific question for you....

If you put two Macs into one fourth grade class, will they start dreaming about the same things at night?  Will they both draw on their bedroom walls with Chapstick?  How about will they both wait about three months to empty the trash in their bedroom so all the old used up food can turn into slimy goop?


Mac R. is the new kid in town just arrived from Seattle.  He announces to the class that he is the smartest boy in the fourth grade.  He also trips the funniest boy in the class...the one everyone likes.  This Mac is short, thinks all girls are stupid and picks his nose when he thinks no one is looking.

Mac P. is tall, girls make him itch and he only picks his nose when he knows for sure no one is looking.

Mac P.'s best friend, Marcus, just moved away and now it's science fair project time and Mac P.'s real science fair partner doesn't live here anymore.  Mac P. can't believe it when his teacher pairs him with guessed it...Mac R....the kid no one likes for this year's science fair project.  Mac P. loves science and can't wait to start working on a volcano project.  But, his partner is thinking dinosaurs.  

Well, when you've pretty much ticked off everyone in the class, is there any way you can get a second chance?  Mac P. is about to discover that Mac R. isn't really who he wants everyone to believe he is.  He turns out to be a talented artist and a guy with a side he doesn't show to everyone.  Now, that's a scientific problem no one knew was about to erupt.

Recommended by:  Barb

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