Pendragon, Book 1: Merchant of Death

Pendragon, Book 1:  Merchant of Death

Fourteen year old Bobby was headed to play in  the semi-final basketball game when his doorbell rings and two amazing things happen. First, the girl of his dreams, Courtney Chetwynde, is standing there at his doorstep, and she steps to him and lands her mouth on his for a fabulous kiss.  Before Bobby can come out of the daze of the kiss, he hears the voice of his Uncle Press.  

The next thing he knows he and his uncle are headed into the city on Press' motorcycle looking for an old, abandoned train station.  Why?  What is happening?  Questions fly off of Bobby and the answers aren't quick in coming. What his uncle tells him is to remember one word...Denduron. 

Denduron is a password into a flume that will whoosh Bobby across time and space into an entirely new territory where the inhabitants are Milano and Bedoowans.  It's a cold world with limited technology.  Bobby is thrown into a centuries old violent battle between the two tribes aided by two new allies, Loor and Alder.  Chosen as a Traveler, someone who can travel the flumes, his life has been changed forever.

Meanwhile, at home, Bobby's best friend and the beautiful girl, Courtney, are receiving letters from Bobby through the flume.

Something is wrong.  How can Bobby's friends help him?  Why is Bobby the chosen one?  What awaits him as he travels through the flumes to new territories?

Action and adventure pile on.    Ages 10 and up     978-0743437318  369 pages

Recommended by:  Barb


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The Merchant of Death is a very interesting book with loads of action and is a book i didn't want to put down,I stayed up countless nights reading all night.I loved this book

Recommended by: Tyler
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When he finds out he is the only one that can help,Bobby Pendragon goes through a tunnel to a different world.Back on earth,He is non existent.No house,no record,not even a family! Will he save his uncle and help a group of people?Will he get back home?Read the book to find out!
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