Pecos Bill

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Fabled cowboy, Pecos Bill, started life as a little baby just like the rest of us.  But his life was one amazing adventure after another.  Bill drove across the United States in a covered wagon with his family.  When they got to the Pecos River, Bill threw a fishing line into the water, was pulled in by an enormous fish and floated downstream to be discovered and raised by a family of coyotes.

The adventures get more and more rollicking as Bill gets older.  When he finally meets a human, he realizes he is not a coyote and goes on to invent cattle roping.  Larger than life, Bill's adventures get more and more exaggerated as he takes on a rattlesnake, tames a wild stallion and conquers a beast.

Thank goodness for Slewfoot Sue or he might still be out there wrestling rivers and lassoing the stars.  Great folktale.


978-0688099244      Ages  4-9     32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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