Peaceful Pieces: Poems and Quilts About Peace

Peaceful Pieces: Poems and Quilts About Peace

There is magic in quilts that is born of the stories they tell and the parts that make a whole with all the lines and stitches forming connections.

The quilts on each page of this poetry collection have presence. They speak to us as much as the words of the poems do and they offer dignity, beauty, and continuity along with the sense of the time and the patience and the care that were necessary to sew the beautiful images and create the blanket.

Poems decorate the quilted pages and they speak of fear and loss and the importance of understanding yourself and others to truly create peace on the inside and to build peace in the world around us. There are 28 poems included. A few haiku are sprinkled among the more intimate poems which offer glimpses into private thoughts and feelings.

There is the young voice turning to the father returned from war in body but not in spirit. The happy father has disappeared. There is the watcher looking out the window at the garden and seeing a deer ready to eat the geraniums. There is the regretful poem from the voice that has never fired a gun but has "hurled cutting remarks."

The poems are insightful and short enough to capture the intensity and the truth of the feelings just long enough for you to feel them and know they could be your own. This is a beautiful book in word and in art that tells truths and reaches out to hold your hand and ask you to listen and be a part of the peace. Ages 5-10 32 pages


Readers of all ages will enjoy exploring the concept of peace through different types of poetry – rhyming, unrhymed. The author covers subjects as broad as world peace and as narrow as sibling squabbles. The quilts that are displayed with each poem enhance the reading experience. Everyone will close this book feeling inspired and calm. 32 pages

Reviewed by: Jenny Newstead, Media Specialist, South Carolina, USA

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