Path of the Pronghorn

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Path of the Pronghorn

Okay, quick quiz...what animal can run faster than a pronghorn? What is a pronghorn anyway? Something that lives in Africa? Nope, try Wyoming. They live on the Wyoming steppe. Yep, steppe. They're smaller than elk or deer but mighty fast little fellas. In fact, "when a herd of pronghorn passes by at a run, it wounds like a wildfire raging across the prairie." This is a book that takes you there with crisp photographs in the wild and up close photos of pronghorn in their natural environment hiding and running and even posing next to a speed limit sign. You get a real feel for their lives and the best part is their passage. They migrate in herds an on ancient migration trail and the United States is working to protect their route as the Pronghorn Migration Corridor. More than a million of them are spread out in the Western U.S., Canada and Mexico as they became protected after being nearly eliminated in the 1920's. When we work together, we can get it right and live in harmony with the wondrous natural world around us. (Oh, and the answer to the question: the cheetah!) 34 pages Ages 6-11

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