Past Midnight (After Midnight series)

Past Midnight  (After Midnight series)

Charlotte's always been a partial member of the family paranormal research team. She's not the "sensitive" daughter, like her older sister, able to tell before the investigation begins that they'll be successful. She's sound crew. But that all changes while visiting and investigating in her sister's college town, Charleston.

Paranormal fiction can be really well done or it can be cheesy as all get out--in my opinion there is no gray area. Purnhagen does it well, because the After Midnight series isn't just a paranormal series. She includes a secondary focus on Charlotte just being a high school student, dealing with the usual angsty things as well as coming in to her own as a young adult in high school.

The characters are approachable, believable. You've got the down to earth ones, the slightly nerdy guy, and that one girl driven to succeed, even if it means stepping on the ones trying to help her. The only bit that just doesn't work well for me is that Charlotte's friends seem rather unphased by her sudden "outing" as the daughter of the famous ghost hunters. With just a minor bauble, they seem to take it in stride. I'd expect a little more, I don't know...teenage behavior.

Regardless, it's a good read. Believable for the most part, and page turning for those who love a good "ghost story."

Recommended by Jennifer Turney, Librarian Texas

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