Palace of Stone (Princess Academy, 2)

Palace of Stone (Princess Academy, 2)

Miri Larendaughter is setting forth on another major adventure in her young life. She's leaving Mt. Eskel and journeying to the royal court in Asland. There her dear friend, Britta, who is engaged to the prince waits to see her.

But not all is well in Asland. The people are in revolt and it appears the castle is a dangerous place to live. Miri's job, along with a band of other young ladies from Mt. Eskel, is to help the princess with her wedding arrangements. But the palace is filled with intrigue and Miri will find herself in danger. How deep into the intrigue will Miri be willing to go? Where will she draw her line? Who will capture her heart?

Shannon Hale transports us again to another world with it stone of power, its magical potential, and its dark murmurings. As the situation deepens, Miri struggles with where she belongs and who she trusts. A fine blend of romance, political intrigue, mystery and above all Miri's exploration of herself and her place in the world. How powerful is she and can she help change the course of the revolution all around her?    Ages 9-13   321 pages    978-1599908731

Recommended by:  Barb

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