Palace of Mirrors

Palace of Mirrors

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Simon & Schuster, 2008

Now Cecilia knows the truth. She is a princes being kept hidden in a cottage in the forest so the evil forces who killed her parents cannot find her. Princess Desmia is pretending to be Cecilia as another ruse to protect the real princess. Then, the unthinkable starts to happen and the evil forces come to the cottage in the night Cecilia and her friend, Harper, flee back to the city to reveal the truth and claim her throne. Boy are they in for a surprise. This is a fun tale for those readers who fantasize that they, too, have been born into the wrong family and are princesses at heart. (A companion book to Just Ella) Ages 11 and up


This is a story of two princesses - one decoy in the forest and the other living in the palace, but which is which? Cecilia knows that she is not really a peasant, but the true princess waiting until the day she can return to the palace. When she gets tired of waiting, Cecilia decides to go to the palace on her own and face the danger there. But when she and her friend arrive, nothing is as it seems. Princess Desmia believes that she is the real princess and not the decoy. The girls must work together to discover the truth of their situation before it is too late.

320 pages

ISBN: 978-1442406674

Recommended by: Emma McDonald, Inspiring Teachers, Texas, USA


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