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otto p. nudd

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Crown Books for Young Readers December 2020
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Fans of The Tales of Despereaux, Pax, and Crenshaw will delight over this friendship story about a brash raven, a dutiful squirrel, and the human girl that brings them together. The perfect read for animal lovers.

Otto P. Nudd: Tthe BEST bird in Ida Valley (at least according to him). While his buddies waste their days at the dump cracking jokes, Otto invents things with his human neighbor Old Man Bartleby in their workshop.

Marla: The Competition. This protective mama-squirrel will swipe Otto's snacks from under his beak if it means another meal for her babies!

Pippa: The girl who loves the birds in Ida Valley, and Otto most of all. But when Bartleby''s latest contraption lands him in danger, the whole neighborhood--kids and critters alike--will have to join forces to save their oldest friend!

Author Emily Butler delivers a timeless friendship tale about a brash raven, a crafty squirrel, and the neighborhood that brings them together.---from the publisher

240 pages                                    978-1524717759                             Ages 8-12

Keywords:  adventure, friendship, animals, raven, humor, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old


The eponymous raven in this animal-human friendship adventure is a bit full of himself. Having been rescued as an unfledged corvid by a kindly old inventor named Bartleby, Otto P. Nudd has devoted himself to the man and inventing. He is adjusting to life with his mate Lucille, and his egg, enormous as it is. He is also devoted to Pippa, Bartleby's next-door neighbor and fellow corvid appreciator. Pippa lives with her perfectionist party-planning mother, who worries that her daughter is not befriending children her own age. Pippa still grieves the death of her father. Otto looks down on others in the neighborhood, especially Marla the squirrel. He and Marla are at war over her aggressive collection of peanuts that Bartleby leaves out. Otto must eat crow, so to speak, when Bartleby knocks himself unconscious while testing a new invention and Otto needs help rescuing him. This fast-paced story is laced with humor and big words, rendering it a fun read-aloud where those words can be discussed. Gray-toned illustrations mark each chapter, which have descriptive and humorous headings. VERDICT This animal adventure is perfect for fans of Babe: The Gallant Pig author Dick King-Smith, and is sure to prompt young readers to appreciate the intelligence of ravens and crows.­

Recommended by:  Brenda Kahn, Teacher Librarian, New Jersey USA


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