One Small Step

One Small Step

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Margaret K. McElderry, 2008
Science Curriculum

Thirteen-year-old Conn is a born stick and rudder man. He's a natural with planes. His air force father takes him up and teaches him to fly. The unintended consequences of this father-son bonding time come with a knock at the front door. NASA has arrived and needs the special talents and size of Conn to complete man's first landing on the moon. His team will be a pair of chimpanzees: Choo-Choo and Benny the Ball. This story is part adventure, part Captain Underpants and part a journey to a special spiritual moment. Along the way you learn a lot of interesting information about America's space program to include the Santa Claus file. Did you know John Glenn saw "fireflies" in space around his space capsule? What were they? No one seems to want to talk about it.

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