One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller


Ohhhhh....this one is gonna be fun!!  Okay, so you know how you have some children who really want to live on the edge?  I mean this is the child who can find the most dangerous thing to do even in the grocery store?  Well, my friends, we all know that child makes a less than delighted face when you say it's time to read together.  But this book....this wonderfully thrilling, frightening, walking on the edge book...this one will hook 'em.  This one they will actually ask you to read again...and again...just so they can live that thrill over and over.  Ha!  We win.

Begin with the look in the eye of the fox on the cover.  The way it's looking at you and the little smile on the face will tell you something is up.  This fox has a plan.

The images on the pages are really big so they're perfect for story time with a group. Open the book and get ready to start counting.  We begin with one gorgeous red fox all curled up.  "1 One famished fox."  So far so good.  Now things start to get interesting.  "2 Two sly eyes."  This fox is up and ready for action.  Where could he/she be headed?  Ohhh...with a turn of the page we find out because now we are looking at "3 Three plump hens."  They aren't the wariest hens either.  They're all into the worm that is just in front of them.   The thrills start coming on the next page with the image of just the paws, the pads and the tail of the fox, "4 Four padding paws."   There's no doubt where this fox is heading.

So, maybe you are starting to worry as I was.  I can't get up in front of a group of 3 year olds and read a story of murder and mayhem.  Trust in your author.  Yes, it gets dark both figuratively and literally...but oh...... keep going because this one has a great ending.  A perfect ending.

Goosebumps will rise and it's going to get tense but wow, after you've read this one once, you're going to have to read it again...and again...and again.  Perfect starter thriller for all those preschoolers who are destined to read Stephen King in middle school.

(And...for those among us who love a great message this book has the potential to be a great conversation starter.... I don't want to give anything away so I'll leave it there.)

32 pages          978-1682631317            Ages 2-6

Keywords:  thriller, counting, concepts, fox, chickens, Read aloud to 3 year olds, 4 year olds, 5 year olds, teamwork, suspense, suspense thriller

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


A stunningly gorgeous counting book with a delightful surprise One hungry fox with two sly eyes is on the prowl…three plump hens had better watch out! Rich and colorful illustrations plunge the reader into a dramatic and exciting story set in a moonlit farmyard. With something different to count on each page, learning to count from one to ten has never been so thrilling! This surprisingly simple counting book with a gripping tale, great for early education and read-alouds, has a hugely satisfying ending that's sure to delight generations.--from the publisher


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