Once Upon a Northern Night

Once Upon a Northern Night

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Groundwood Books 2013
Language Arts Curriculum

Wow!  You have discovered an exquisite book, a beautiful book, a book that sings to the soul of the listener and the reader.  Imagine for a moment the wonder of the Northern Lights and you will instantly conjure the feeling and light that are awaiting.

This is a quiet poem written as an ode to a child and that child could be your child or that child could magically even be you.

A parent's voice lovingly gifts us with this lyrical poem describing a picture of the northern world outside the window.  It's a world that awaits and wraps around us like the best of hugs.  One by one animals arrive in the snowy night to share the joy of their own world outside in the frosted  stillness.

Perfect for bedtime, this book is destined to become the family treasure that is read over and over again with newfound joy at each new sharing.  The quiet of winter waits on each page brought to wonder through the introduction of animals who appear gently and lovingly to celebrate the cold and the snowy genius of nature.  The Northern Lights glimmer and shimmer with all their glory.  (Perfect for a unit on the Northern Lights.)

Read this as a lullabye.  Read it as the warmest reminder that the world is filled with goodness and miracles.  Read it to the ones you love.  You'll stir those brilliant places that are sprouting in each little self and you'll reassure even the smallest worried soul that the world is for them on the sunny days and the snowy days.  Simply lovely.

978-1554981380  32 pages  Ages  5-9

Recommended by:  Barb


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