Oh the Things We're For

're for

A new book by the author of A is for Activist is a rhyming, boldly illustrated vision of a better world.

When you go to a march And raise your sign high You'll make people smile who thought you were shy And you'll make people wonder, does that kid really know why? You DO know of course That's why you are there You're there to say STOP! What's happening's not fair

Then they say, we know what you're against End poverty stop war... But okay then what are you for?

Oh! What are we for! That's my favorite question And I'm sure it's yours too Because you pay attention You have so many answers And so many options And so many solutions that you want to impart The only hard question is where does one start?

Oh, The Things We're For! is a celebration of the better world that is not only possible, but is here today if we choose it. Today's kids are well aware of the many challenges that they face in a world they are inheriting, from climate change to police violence, crowded classrooms to healthcare. Poetically written and beautifully illustrated in Innosanto Nagara's (A is for Activist) signature style, this book offers a vision of where we could go--and a future worth fighting for. Oh, the Things We're For! is a book for kids, and for the young at heart of all ages.---from the publisher

36 pages 978-1644210147 Ages 4-8

Keywords: values, prejudice, racism, dreams, rhyme, social issues, books that make a difference, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old

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