Norbert's Big Dream


Norbert is a pig with a dream. It doesn't matter if the other farm animals snicker behind his back, Norbert has always dreamed of swimming the English Channel. He's been preparing and training and finally he's ready for the big swim! But where exactly is the English Channel?! Will Norbert have to give up on his dreams or will his friends come to the rescue after all? A sweet, funny story about dreaming big.--from the publisher


A pig with a dream  Norbert has a day not too far in the future Norbert is going to swim the English Channel. He is in training for now but the day comes when he decides he's ready. Then, he's suddenly faced with a problem he had not anticipated. Where is the Enlgish Channel?

All of the animals who have been laughing up their sleeve until now realize that Norbert is being faced with something that just might crush his spirit.  Maybe there is something they can do to help out.

Norbert is an irrepressible pig with big dreams. He sets his goals and then works to be ready to see just what he can limits for this great spirit.

32 pages  978-1585369591   Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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