Nobody Is Perfick

Nobody Is Perfick

The author of Lyle, Lyle Crocodile has gotten out his wide angle lens to bring great moments in life to one and all.  Sometimes things happen to us that we have a hard time describing to someone else but when you see it all told in pictures, you can really be there and get the whole thing.

In this case the whole thing involves something hilarious.  The kind of thing that might start a little slowly and catch you off guard.  You really weren't expecting to find yourself laughing until your stomach hurts.  That's what this collection is all about - making stomachs hurt.

Divided into short stories all told basically through the comic illustrations, we begin with "Say Something Nice." Now, two stick kids, one a boy trying to terrify and the other a girl, the apparent intended victim.  He starts telling her a lot of creepy things like, "Spiders," and "Creepy crawly things."  She insists that he stop...but curiously she doesn't walk away.  A fabulous twist delights all at the end of this delightfully short, highly entertaining sequence.

Next up is the one about the dream with the "striped...."...the striped what you might ask?  This one is followed by the sequence about fighting an incoming daydream.

They are short, authentically human, hilarious experiences that are perfect for reluctant readers.  Amazing how something originally published in 1971 still reflects the things kids will recognize immediately.

144 pages        978-0544842144     Ages 7-10

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


From the creator of Lyle the Crocodile comes an hilarious collection of stories, told in a comic-book style format.  Each uproarious story deals with a different scenario of every day life that all children encounter at home, in school and at play.--from the publisher

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