No Such Thing

No Such Thing

Howard is fascinated by everything in the big, old house his family has recently moved into: the places to explore, the tall windows, even his huge, old-fashioned bed--until it gets dark...

Then he is sure there is a monster lurking under his bed. His mommy's reassurance that there is no such thing does not convince him. After Howard calls her because he hears and sees what must be the monster, she "proves" that nothing out of the ordinary is anywhere in the room, and insists he go to sleep without making her come again.

Meanwhile, a little monster is afraid because he believes there is a boy on top of his bed. With a sniggle, his mommy tells him boys do not exist. She warns him not to call her again about such nonsense.

"Howard put his face in his pillow and started to cry. He cried and cried. "Monster pulled his spider web over his face and started to whimple. He whimpled and whimpled. "Between sobs, Howard heard a strange sound. It sounded sad. "Between whimples, Monster heard a strange sound. It sounded scared. "Howard peeked over the edge of the bed. A very sad face looked up at him. "Monster peeked out from under the bed. A very scared face looked down at him."

When the two little ones learn the reason for each other's fear, and discover that their mommies do not believe them when they hear noises at night, Howard comes up with an ingenious plan--which will have readers of all ages sniggling.

With sensitivity and humor, Jackie French Koller addresses a fear shared by many young children. Both human and monster mommies are portrayed as loving parents, and Howard and Monster are true-to-life little boys. Betsy Lewin's pen and ink and watercolor illustrations perfectly complement the story, and the youngsters' facial expressions are priceless. A gem for story time or for sharing with the children in your life, even if they are not afraid of things that go bump in the night.

Ages 4-7        978-1590789117        32 pages

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian


Howard hears a monster under his bed, but his mother doesn’t believe him. Monster hears a boy on top of the bed, but his mother doesn’t believe him. What happens when the two youngsters meet and decide how to solve their problem?

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


"There is no such thing as a monster, and certainly no such thing as a monster under the bed. That's what Howard's mother tells him. There is no such thing as a boy, and certainly no such thing as a boy on top of a bed. That's what Monster's mother tells him. But no matter what their mothers say, Howard and Monster remain afraid of the dark . . . until one spooky night when both face their deepest fears. Jackie French Koller and Betsy Lewin have created a "monster-under-the-bed" story that offers the perfect cure for fear of the dark--laughter!"--from the publisher

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