No Safety in Numbers (Book One)

No Safety in Numbers  (Book One)

Getting stuck in a mall doesn't seem like such a hardship, but when a "dirty bomb" is discovered in a local suburban mall and the mall is locked down for day after day, people begin to do anything to escape. No Safety in Numbers is told from multiple perspectives - two guys and two girls.

At first, it seems like fun-little kids go on amusement park-like rides, teenagers get together, and people sit around the food court. But when people begin to get really sick and men in hazmat suits come to take them away, people in the mall begin to panic. What is really happening? And is it contagious?

Read this fast-paced book to find out! 260 pages 978-0803738737

Recommended by: Faith Miller, Librarian, Connecticut USA

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It seemed like a perfect Saturday to go to the mall and do a little shopping, until of course you realize you aren’t allowed to leave the mall.  After a mysterious device is found at the mall, all the occupants are quarantined without information about what is going on or communication with the outside world.  Narrated by four characters with very different backgrounds, this claustrophobic story slowly builds tension as the days inside the mall progress and the situation deteriorates.  People trapped inside the mall behave in a predictable way with some reacting intelligently and others making stupid and dangerous decisions.  As mob mentality creeps in, some teens are more worried about shopping and crushes than survival.  The cliffhanger ending will leave readers desperate to find out more in the next installment.  No Safety in Numbers reads like a movie script and will attract fans of other fast paced novels like Dan Krokos’ False Memory or Robison Wells’ Variant.

Recommended by Carrie Shaurette, New York City Librarian, New York USA
Editor's Note:  INVINCIBLE MICROBES is a non-fiction title that pairs well with this book...suggested by Naomi Bates.

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AMAZING BOOK! I love this book. It’s the kind of book where I couldn’t put it down.
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